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Illustrator Tutorials

adobe illustrator icon
Adobe Illustrator Icon by GXXF under CC BY-SA 4.0 license; no changes.

Why Use Vector Based Graphics?

Many new designers might wonder why they would ever want to spend the extensive amount of time and energy required to learn another image manipulation program on top of Photoshop or GIMP, such as Illustrator or Inkscape. As it turns out, applications such as Illustrator are able to create vector graphics rather than raster graphics, which are pixel-based images like digital photos that become pixelated when scaled up. Vector graphics are based on lines, curves, and other mathematically calculated shapes, so they are infinitely scalable, whether you are trying to make a billboard or a phone icon.

In this set of tutorials, I was initially going to use Inkscape, an open source alternative to Illustrator, but I decided not to since it isn’t as fully functional and would be a bigger risk of wasting a lot of time to get very little done. After finishing these tutorials, I’m glad I made that choice, as they went much quicker than my previous Photoshop tutorials did while using GIMP. In case you would like to look at the tutorials themselves, there are linked here for you: one, two, three, four, and five. Continue reading Illustrator Tutorials