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Video Project: Rough Draft

Idea and Inspiration

For this project, I felt it would be helpful to produce a video case study of one of my past projects that could show how all the elements of a website design fell into place because I was focused on properly balancing my interests with those of my client. It was about the narrative website I designed in DTC 355 (multimedia authoring) in the CMDC program here at WSUV for my most recent employer, A to Z Blinds, where I worked for about three years prior to returning to school to try and finish my degree. Continue reading Video Project: Rough Draft


Video Project: Raw Video Footage

A photo-realistic drawing of an iPhone with a screenshot of the camera app placed in the screen position
Made with Assembly for iPhone and Inkscape.

Unedited Video & PDF Storyboard

For this video project, I had to upload, post, and turn in my raw video footage as the first phase of this project. I also had to make a storyboard, which is posted below in PDF format. For simplicity sake, I uploaded the raw footage to YouTube and scanned the hand-drawn storyboard using Dropbox for iPhone. Please feel free to watch the footage, check out the drawings, and leave comments below if you have any ideas or concerns about this project 🙂 Continue reading Video Project: Raw Video Footage