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COM 210 Reflection

A vector drawing done in Assembly for iPhone showing a natural scene with a tent at the end of a dirt trail, near some trees with a sunny day in view of a mountain
Done in Assembly for iPhone. Click to open the full-screen image in a new tab.

Question & Answer

Which project was your favorite?
The final draft of my logo design for this website, consisting of a blue shield, a simplified shirt pocket, a pocket protector, with a piece of bacon, mini ruler, fountain pen, and paint brush inside. The p for prodigimedia is on the front flap
From a previous project. Click to open the image in a new tab.

My favorite project for COM 210 was definitely the logo project (Graphic Design Project), in which we had to learn from some blog posts (vectors, gestahlt, and logos) and videos (logos, contest), come up with an idea, do some research, sketch our ideas, then start to work in Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading COM 210 Reflection