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Exploring Accessibility Survey: Web Design Best Practices for People with Cognitive Disabilities

A garden hedge maze
Is this your experience when browsing the web?

Have you ever talked to someone with a disability that affects the way they use the Internet? My group of fellow students in DTC 475 Digital Diversity class at WSU Vancouver are working on our Final Project right now, which is about Web Accessibility best practices relating to people with cognitive disabilities in particular. Why are we focusing so much? For a few main reasons, which you’ll see below. In case you want to skip to the web accessibility survey, feel free to click on that link.  Continue reading Exploring Accessibility Survey: Web Design Best Practices for People with Cognitive Disabilities


UPDATE: Smartwatch Survey Goal Reached!

Long Time, No See (Skip to Update)

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Macaca Nigre self portrait from Wikimedia

Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with a whole new semester of classes here at WSU Vancouver and haven’t been forced to post content to this blog. I’m so sorry about that for those of you who have recently started following me here! However, I promise to shortly start adding more relevant content to that which I’ve already begun to share here. Continue reading UPDATE: Smartwatch Survey Goal Reached!

Media Intervention: Debunking Homeschooling Stereotypes

A vector drawing of a couple of stereotypical homeschoolers
A stereotypical representation of homeschoolers. Done with Assembly for iPhone and Inkscape.

Pre-intervention Survey

Thanks so much for coming by my blog to take part in this media intervention activity. Please start by clicking the link to take the survey so we can find out your current views towards homeschoolers, their parents, and homeschooling. After you finish the pre-intervention survey, please view the content below and see if your views change at all. NOTE: Please be sure to take the survey again after you finish viewing the content below 🙂 There is a link at the bottom of this blog post FYI. Continue reading Media Intervention: Debunking Homeschooling Stereotypes