close up drawing of Benjamin WoodruffHello!

Thanks for visiting my professional blog on digital media and content creation. I’m glad you stopped by and just want to let you know a little more about myself.

My name is Benjamin Woodruff and I’m married to a beautiful wife and we have three kids. I am currently a student in the Creative Media and Digital Culture program at WSU Vancouver. I went back to school to try and get more relevant skills and hopefully a better paying job so I can take better care of my wonderful and growing family. I spend most of my down time with my family, either relaxing and playing at home, gathering at church, or running errands. We are in a season of life that allows us to have a lot of time together, for which we are very grateful!

Interests, Plans, and Aspirations

My specific interests within digital media and technology are web design (especially front end), graphic design and motion graphic animation, usability/UI/UX design, and technical and professional writing. I am planning to graduate from WSUV hopefully in May of 2018 with a BA in Digital Technology and Culture and a Professional Writing Certificate. After graduation, I will be seeking full time employment (on site or remote) doing the same kind of work hopefully that I am becoming well versed in here at school.


I started this blog as a part of a class assignment and plan to continue to update it regularly with relevant articles about digital technology, the projects and experiences I’ve been going through, and the tools and methods that I’ve learned as a result of my school projects and work.  I hope it proves helpful to you in becoming a more excellent professional in digital media!


Benjamin Woodruff