a picture of myself, Ben WoodruffHello!

Thanks for visiting my professional blog on web design, digital media, and content creation. I’m glad you stopped by and just want to let you know a little more about myself.

My name is Benjamin Woodruff and I’m a A passionate Web Designer skilled in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript. Also able to customize WordPress sites, optimize for users and search engines (SEO), and upgrade product pages with Schema.org metadata for more appealing search engine results. The easiest way to express my professional paradigm is User Needs + Business Goals = Good Design!

Interests, Plans, and Aspirations

As a recent graduate from the Creative Media and Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, I’ve gained an interest in all things related to web design. I love making interesting content, using content management systems to craft a website with themes and plugins, and coding websites from scratch as well. One of my favorite things about web design, however, is finding ways to optimize the experience for real users, like making sites mobile friendly, whether through responsive web design (RWD) or dedicated mobile versions of sites. I also enjoy doing user experience work (UX) to research, plan, and test web and other digital interfaces to make sure the product meets and exceeds user expectations and business goals.

My near term goal is to find employment using these and other skills to make excellent websites for awesome clients. My five year goal is to be leveling up my skills to a point where I can specialize in UX to help clients better compete in such a digitally advanced landscape.

Why prodigimedia?

I started this blog as a part of a class assignment and plan to continue to update it regularly with relevant articles about digital technology, the projects and experiences I’ve been going through, and the tools and methods that I’ve learned as a result of my school projects and work.  I hope it proves helpful to you in becoming a more excellent professional in digital media!


Benjamin Woodruff