UPDATE: Smartwatch Survey Goal Reached!

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Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with a whole new semester of classes here at WSU Vancouver and haven’t been forced to post content to this blog. I’m so sorry about that for those of you who have recently started following me here! However, I promise to shortly start adding more relevant content to that which I’ve already begun to share here.

IMC Advertising Principles and Practices (COMSTRAT 380)

I’m posting today to share a survey my group created to gather raw data from millennials (current 18-35 years old) who either own or could own smartwatches (that’s everyone!). It’s the major project for the Integrated Marketing Communications class here at WSUV and has been a wonderful addition to my previous experiences in Professional Digital Media.

Fossil Smartwatch Competition

We are competing as a class in a Student Marketing Challenge to provide a strategic marketing plan to Fossil for their recently released Smartwatch line the Q3Please feel free to take this survey to share some info about yourself for academic purposes! And please remember that this survey is anonymous, so feel free to be honest about your opinions.

The Survey

UPDATE: Goal Reached!

It’s pretty awesome to see a bunch of people show up at the last minute and take several moments out of their free time to take a survey they received nothing back for. Some companies pay good money for results like these! Thankfully, as of this writing, 55/50 needed responses have been submitted to my group’s Fossil smartwatch survey.

Below is a screenshot of the results, in case anyone is interested (click the image to see the full-size media file):

a screenshot of the results of our smartwatch survey
Results of our Fossil smartwatch survey, via Google Forms.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time and contributed! I’m thankful for the great kindness I’ve been shown today 🙂


Benjamin Woodruff