Audio Project: Raw Audio Footage

A vector drawing made in the Assembly app for iPhone of two speech bubbles, one with an old style journalist's hat and the other having simplified audio controls
Made in Assembly for iPhone.

Two Unedited Audio Files

Below are two of the audio files I will use in my Audio Project for COM 210 at WSUV. They are unedited and will only be used in part. I may have to redo the voice audio because the track is about five minutes long and the whole thing needs to be about one to two minutes in length. I plan to use about 18 seconds of the music as an intro and exit sound. Please feel free to leave comments below if you have any ideas for this work! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Raw Story Audio Footage

This is the track of me talking. Feel free to listen and find out my secret for making excellent professional, digital, media content.


“Santa Harmonica” by Strong Suit

This is the song I found on Free Music Archive that I plan to use as intro and exit music. Click the link —-> to check out the original upload on FMA. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike 3.0 United States (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 US). Thanks!



Benjamin Woodruff