Graphic Design Project: Project Intent and Image Collection

graphic design project for photoshop or gimp title image
Photoshop logo – GIMP logo (head only)

Project Intent

It’s always a good idea to incorporate a creative process into your work. If you just start out making images for your design without planning, gathering resources, and problem solving, you will probably have a hard time staying focused. I always like to start by breaking down the requirements of a project to see exaclty what is required, so I will do excellent, targeted work rather than lots of wasted time going in the wrong direction.

As part of a class project, I will use the skills I gained through my tutorial work in GIMP (that’s right, I’m not using Photoshop) to complete a graphic design project that will help explain why and how I’m qualified as an expert on this topic. Based on my previous coursework in Digital Technology and Culture, I’m going to use GIMP to make a branding/promotional image in order to show what I’ve learned and what you can gain as a reader of this blog.


Image Collection

Here I’m going to place three images that I will use as part of this project. I’ve selected two from my time in DTC 336 Design and Composition and one from DTC 478 Usability and Interface Design. These aren’t the only images I’ll use, but they will be a good start for the project 🙂

a composition consisting of the app icon in context, landing page, and content screen for my Tate app design
From my Tate Galleries app design project, DTC 336 Design and Composition
a website homepage design consisting of a carousel image with image changing buttons, information architecture built into the navigation menu, and contact information
From my Oregon Wildlife Safari website redesign project, DTC 336.
a billboard design consisting of four small images taken from the program's website, program specialties, and the WSU Vancouver and CMDC logos
From my Creative Media and Digital Culture program billboard design project, DTC 478 Usability and Interface Design